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Manual Treatments

The clinic offers manual therapies such as manipulation, muscle energy techniques, energy work and massage.

Welcome to Edinburgh Sports Injury Clinic

Edinburgh Sports Injury Clinic was established in 2003 by June Lumsden, who after working in the Private Practice and the professional sports arena for many years, wanted to provide a comprehensive course of treatment and rehabilitation to those people who enjoy sport at all levels.

The aim of the clinic has always been to trace injuries back to their original cause, and through treatment, rehabilitation and education, to treat the body as a whole. Much of this is done by realigning the body to ensure muscles work correctly and in the right order. This provides the best possible biomechanical base to promote efficiency of movement.

We want our patients to leave us with full knowledge as to why their injury has occurred and how to avoid a repeat of the same problems/injury, and with a sense too, that they have been part of the whole process.

Since opening the clinic we have become more specialized in sacroiliac and spinal dysfunctions. Our practitioners have completed many postgraduate courses, ensuring that their knowledge is continually developing.

We have been very fortunate to meet other like minded practitioners, and although some may not work at the clinic, we often refer to each other to ensure the best possible patient care.

Real Time Ultrasound

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core strength

Core Strength

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