What our customers have to say…

After waking up with excruciating back pain, my doctor prescribed pain killers to get me mobile and referred me to Edinburgh Sports Injury Clinic for immediate treatment.

I had ruptured a ligament in my lower back and torn a hamstring doing DIY in the house, proving beyond all doubt that DIY is evil. Jackie began to treat these injures with massage, kinesiotaping and ultrasound, as well as giving me clear and sensible guidelines on how to do things and how not to do things.

For example, I learned how to get up out of a chair and how not to get up. I learned how to bend down and how not to bend down. I would have imagined that I knew these things, but I really didn’t. As long I was healthy and uninjured, I took my back and my body for granted.

I am now free of pain and aches and I am grateful to Jackie for her care. While I miss our weekly chats, I am glad not to have a reason to attend Extra Special Injury Care! Thanks, Jackie.

Though notoriously slow in the uptake when it comes to acronyms, I have easily mastered ESIC. It stands for Extra Special Individual Care. It is easy to remember because that is exactly what I have been receiving since I first registered with June 5 years ago.

After suffering for some years from intermittent periods of back-pain which interfered with my every-day life and every-night sleep, she quickly diagnosed the problem and, when I needed it, administered treatment which gave almost instant relief. Encouraged by this, I had a chat with her about how much I longed to lead a more active life, to be able to balance without wobbling hopelessly and to garden without needing to be ever so careful about which way I twisted my back to deposit the abundance of weeds we seem to be able to grow.

Without dwelling for too long on the sorry state of my underused muscles, she suggested I try doing exercises in the gym with Mandy. This has proved so successful that I no longer require my anti-inflammatory pills and I am so much enjoying my own progress and get an enormous kick out of being fitter and more able. I am writing this in the sincere hope that others may read it and discover like me that with the same expert attention and dedication seventy can be the new fifty.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to recommend June from Edinburgh Sports Injury Clinic.

My 10 year old son who is a sporty kid had been having knee pain when participating in sports that involved running over a prolonged period of time. June treated him at the clinic & after initially healing a number of soft tissue problems, June diagnosed & recommended a scan to see if there was any issues with the development of his knee bone.

After seeing a specialist surgeon he was diagnosed with Osteochondritis.  He has had a small operation to correct the blood flow to the area of the knee affected & is on the road to a full recovery. Without June’s expertise & advice he would almost certainly have irreversibly damaged his knee. I cannot recommend June’s professionalism, care, kindness & skills highly enough & I feel you could not come to a better clinic for sports injuries.

I recently had a peripheral neuropathy, following a viral infection, which left me having difficulties with use and movement of the right side of my body.  This affected my walking and use of my right arm.  After a short stay in hospital I was discharged and made and appointment at ESIC with June Lumsden.

June is an amazing physiotherapist and her approach to rehabilitation of my body was unique due to her in-depth knowledge of neurophysiology and how the whole body works, specifically the brain to limb connections.  June devised a programme of exercises, which step by step allowed me to regain gradual movement and use of my body. She told me I had to work fast and hard to get the connection between brain and muscles working again and that’s just what I did.

June give me a new exercise program each week which helped to improve my movement and rebuild my muscles and it was amazing to see daily improvements which allowed me to get walking again.  I lived to exercise at that time, but that’s what I needed to do for my rehabilitation.  I have spent a considerable amount of my time over the past 3 months in ESIC in the state of the art gym using the relevant machines and equipment.  June’s expertise and knowledge has truly turned my life around and I am now able return to work.  I can’t thank the team at ESIC enough, they have all helped me in different ways and the encouragement and support they’ve given me has been amazing.

I came to ESIC with a very long term misalignment of my pelvis. My sacroiliac joint was out of position and my pelvis tilted so that one leg appeared to be a little shorter than the other. My body had adapted to this position but with years of horse riding and some falls I had chronic pain.

A physiotherapist at ESIC was quick to assess the situation. The muscles I had been using out of necessity, were incorrect ones due to the misalignment, so many were in spasm. The physio worked on them to relieve the tension and manipulated my sacroiliac joint back in place. With regular therapy my pelvis has remained correctly aligned for 4 months now. The attitude of my physiotherapist has always been positive, encouraging, professional but friendly. The daily exercises she gave me are very helpful.

The Pilates therapist at ESIC is very experienced and capable of recognising where incorrect muscles are being used and devising exercises to strengthen the correct ones. It has taken attention to detail and the ability to adapt exercises for my specific needs in order to retrain my brain to use the correct muscles and to build their strength. Over several months the exercises have been modified in response to progress. Working on them daily has helped a lot. The Pilates therapist is extremely competent and works with good humour and commitment.

ESIC is a happy, friendly clinic where I have received excellent treatment.

I have benefited from June Lumsden’s care and skill for over 20 years. She has kept me in ‘good working order’ during that time and prevented several minor problems becoming major issues. It is of no surprise that she was first recommended by another physiotherapist and I cannot praise her work highly enough.