Energy Work

It is common that the area of pain is not where the initial injury lies. By assessing the energy in the meridian pathways, areas of blocking and dysfunction can be identified. These areas are often asymptomatic and therefor often overlooked. Treatment of these areas is often a necessary part of the overall rehabilitation process. Massage techniques focusing on energy release are therefore incorporated into the treatment regime.


A  manual technique which can be performed on most joints. It is a small, fast movement performed at the end of a range. It is used to increase mobility and decrease pain, and to improve alignment and function.

Muscle Energy Techniques

An effective gentle manual technique often used on the spine, the ribs and the sacroiliac joint. This technique involves deep breathing and gentle stretching to align specific joints. The gentle approach means that it is ideal for many pregnant women, children and older patients.


This taping technique differs from others as it gives support to an injury whilst still allowing a full range of movement. Its other main advantage is that it can be worn in water. It is ideally suited to the athlete as it allows hydrotherapy rehabilitation, and showering after exercise.