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Post Partum Issues

Millions of women give birth every year and continue on with a pain free, fully functional life. There are some however who do not. Some women will experience low back pain or pubic pain, while others fail to regain urinary continence.

Nine months of pregnancy along with the birthing process can give malalignments of the sacroiliac joints. Combine this with the changes that occur in the ligaments due to the release of relaxing, and the result is often a weak and unstable pelvis and lower back.

At ESIC we assess the whole of the body, as changes that occur during pregnancy are whole body changes. We find areas of tightness and dysfunctions, and plan our treatment appropriately. Joint dysfunctions inhibit the contraction of the core muscles including the pelvic floor. Realignment of the sacroiliac joints and opening up of the thorax is generally required. It is followed by a progressive exercises program, closely monitored and altered when necessary .We aim to get your body back into shape so that you can fully enjoy life as a mother.