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New Premises for ESIC

The clinic moved from Lanark Road West in May of this year, to our current location, 567 Lanark Road, Juniper Green. The building, which we renovated was built in the 1800’s as a stable.   Our architect, Harry Wood, worked with us to produce a purpose built clinic which gave us treatment rooms plus a […]

Real Time Ultrasound

ESIC is one of the few clinics in Edinburgh to offer Ultrasound (US) imaging in the rehabilitation of the core. Back pain and injury change how the core muscles work. This can result in a chronic pain cycle, poor athletic performance and after pregnancy it can limit the recovery of the pelvic floor. Once this […]


Correct alignment and function of the foot is fundamental to achieving optimum performance and reducing the risk of injury. The use of custom made insoles can assist in this by restricting or improving the function of the foot and ankle. They work alongside the other treatments prescribed by your therapist.

Voice Issues

At ESIC we are fortunate to work with professionals from different areas. Many speech problems can cause stress and tightness in the thorax and upper back. Should the problems with speech last for a while then the musculoskeletal problems become fixed. Joints reduce their movement and muscles weaken. This lack of movement in your ribs […]

Chronic Back Pain

This is characterized by recurrent episodes of acute pain followed by a return to a period of low level pain, or even pain free periods. Within hours of the first episode of back pain, the deep muscles that support the spine ( the core muscles ) stop working properly. This leaves the back weak and […]

Post Partum Issues

Millions of women give birth every year and continue on with a pain free, fully functional life. There are some however who do not. Some women will experience low back pain or pubic pain, while others fail to regain urinary continence. Nine months of pregnancy along with the birthing process can give malalignments of the […]

Osgoods-Schlatters Disease

This is common in growing children, particularly boys, and manifests in pain and swelling at the top of the tibia just below the kneecap. It occurs mainly in sporty children and usually during a period of rapid growth and increased exercise. The increased tension of the thigh muscles can pull on the pelvis and cause […]


A scoliosis is a side to side curve in the back. It can progress significantly in teenage years when more growth occurs. Once a person has matured it is less likely to increase. In some severe cases it can decrease lung capacity and cause restricted movement in the spine. Treatment involves mobilising the spine, correcting […]

Disc Problems

Disc problems of in the lumbar spine are more common than the cervical spine, with disc issues in the thoracic spine being more rare. When a lumbar disc bulges and puts pressure on part of the sciatic nerve then symptoms such as numbness, pain, and tingling can occur any where from the back to the […]

Sacroiliac Dysfunctions

The sacroiliac joint lies between the sacrum ( at the bottom of the lumbar spine) and the pelvis. Dysfunction here can cause a number of symptoms including pain in the buttock, sometimes radiating into the groin and down the leg. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction can go undetected for a considerable period of time, and as such […]