Edinburgh Sports Injury Clinic

male incontinence

There are certain conditions which affect mainly women. Breast Cancer and urinary incontinence are 2 of these. They, however, are not exclusive to women.
One cause of urinary incontinence in men is prostrate surgery/ treatment. Regaining pelvic floor control for a man can be difficult as it is often a form of exercise that they have never experienced before. We have found the use of the Real Time Ultrasound invaluable for this. It is so much easier to do an exercise correctly when you can see the muscle working.

In the words of one of our patients :

“I have a pelvic floor! I had a green laser prostatectomy that left me urinary incontinent. My visits to ESIC have taught me the basics of pelvic floor exercises. This has resulted in a great lessening of the condition. I feel that I will be completely normal in a few months. The exercises and tuition I have received have been first class. The explanations behind my treatment have been clear and very sympathetic.
My pelvic floor is responding well! I would recommend all men with urinary incontinence discover their pelvic floor”.

Robert, age 72